A couple of the tunes on YouTube...


Track list...

1)   We're In Hawaii Now   (Craig Soderberg)
2)   What A Wonderful World   (Louis Armstrong)
3)   Handle With Care   (The Traveling Wilburys)
4)   One Love   (Bob Marley)
5)   Take It Easy   (The Eagles)
6)   Your Smiling Face   (James Taylor)
7)   Every Breath You Take   (The Police)
8)   Red Red Wine   (Neil Diamond)
9)   Cat's In The Cradle   (Harry Chapin)
10)   Happy To Be Stuck With You   (Huey Lewis)
11)   Wonderful Tonight   (Eric Clapton)
12)   Lean On Me   (Bill Withers)
13)   White Sandy Beach   (Bruddah IZ)
14)   I'm On Fire   (Bruce Springsteen)
15)   Blackbird   (The Beatles)
16) Sunshine Of My Life   (Stevie Wonder)
17)   Three Little Birds   (Bob Marley)